Enterprise Storage Services

Service Overview

The most critical component that holds enterprise assets is Enterprise storage, which uses centralized storage system to manage, protect and provide access to the enterprise data. An Enterprise storage solution gives connectivity to that data from whatever source or application can effectively use that data.


An Enterprise Storage system consists of DAS, NAS and SAN where SAN is probably the most widely used type of enterprise storage solution today. Choosing the right Enterprise storage solution is very important, as it should be scalable, secure, and includes the backup and disaster recovery options to maintain business operations.

Ideally, Enterprise storage systems should have:

  • Balanced performance.
  • Balanced capacity.
  • Unified storage.
  • Unified storage solution.


Panorama consulting and Business Solutions can help clients in:

  • Storage Array Design and Deployment.
  • Storage Array Health Check Review.
  • Design of Replication and Migration.
  • Capacity planning and optimization.
  • Multi-tiered disk design and implementation.


Client Benefits:

The benefits of such services is to:

  • Best practices implementations followed in design and implementation.
  • Clear visibility of capacity planning and ability to easily optimize as needed.



Enterprise Systems Perspectives : Storage




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