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Service Overview

Server virtualization has been a groundbreaking technology in the world of IT. A virtual infrastructure lets enterprises share their physical resources across entire organization which introduces a number of benefits to organizations including reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In summary, resources of a single physical computer are shared across multiple virtual machines to support many applications, allowing for maximum efficiency. Virtual Infrastructure adoption helps your business to:

  • Respond to growth more rapidly.
  • Lower hardware, power and space requirements (More Green).
  • On-the-fly resource allocation.
  • Support highly available architecture.
  • Simplify System and Operations Management.
  • Improve Disaster Recovery Process.


Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help your organization:

Architect/Design the right solution

  • Considering the availability, scalability, maintainability and security requirements, PANCBS will architect the right solution and then design it according to requirements.


Leverage/Extend existing Infrastructure

  • Utilize existing infrastructure in planning virtualization efforts combining best in class hardware, software and services to assess, design, deploy and accelerate your organization to the latest virtualization and data center solutions.


Enable Virtualization Enablement

  • Our certified team will assist in the actual setup and configuration of the virtual design implementation.






Client Benefits:

  • Reduces Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Agile and scalable implementations.
  • Enhance adaptability & manageability.
  • Reduces Capital Expenditure.






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