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Policies and Procedures Documentation

Businesses know that they need to have a system made up of policies, processes and procedures. Often businesses have issues discerning which is which or use the terms interchangeably, resulting in them lacking one of the elements. All three, however, are necessary to run a successful, organized business.

Processes, procedures and standards explain how a business should operate.

In short

Policy: The overall guidelines.
Process: The flows of activity which guide actions.
Procedure: The detailed instructions of steps/ tasks and define actions.

Documentation levels

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     In order for all of your business's processes, procedures and standards to be effective, they must be:

    • Well documented capturing the key strategic and operational aspects

    • Aligned to the vision and strategy of your business

    • Clear about general business procedures as well as role-specific procedures

    • Incorporated into your staff training program

    • Practiced by management, so other staff will follow their lead

    • Discussed regularly in meetings to capture feedback and drive lean implementations

    • Flexible and automation friendly for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the end-user in mind

    • Regularly reviewed and updated to meet legislative or compliance changes that affect your business

    Contact our business adviser if you need help creating effective procedures, processes and standards for your business.

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